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Solace Cardea provides drugs for the lifestyle diseases and operates in Cardiology and Diabetology therapeutic segments. Solace Cardea aspires to be a leading player in Hypertension management and Diabetology segment. Solace Cardea is named after Roman Goddess who protects the family.


Morbidity & mortality rates of Cardiovascular diseases are increasing.Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 30% of all deaths globally. Diabetes is a growing disease and an enormous global burden. We intend to fulfil the purpose by providing metabolic care & caters to therapeutic areas like diabetes and associated complications, Dyslipidemia and Hypertension.


Our core mission is to bring best-in-class solutions that enable people to lead a healthy and good quality life.


We visualize ourselves to be the most admirable business enterprise in Cardiology and Diabetology therapeutic segment through our honest and intelligent approach.


At Solace Cardea, we’re inspired by one single goal: to provide contemporary and affordable medicines, manufactured in full compliance with global quality standards.


Solace Cardea is a super specialty division focusing on the unmet needs in the therapeutic areas of Cardiology and Diabetology.


With our vision and mission as anchors, the core pillar of our strategy is to deepening customer relationships by discovering their needs and delivering the most relevant products, services and guidance.


This division is named after Roman Goddess Cardea. According to ancient roman religion and myth, she was considered to be the Goddess of the door hinge, who protects the family and keeps evil spirits from crossing the threshold. Her name comes from the Latin word cardo, which means “hinge” and which also encompasses the wider symbolism of the pole or axis around which the earth spins. She is therefore a Goddess of the center as well as the change that emanates out from that center. The resourceful aspect of name “Cardea” motivate us to focus ourselves in treating and managing diseases within the structure of the heart which plays a pivotal role in overall wellbeing. Solace Cardea brings best-in-class solutions across the areas of cardiovascular and diabetes and help people live their healthiest and fullest lives.

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